Why Choose 1st Choice Sports Rehab?

The answers to that question are almost as varied as conditions we treat.  Many new patients drive past dozen of other providers at the recommendation of friends or family that are former patients and have experienced first hand the difference we offer in our office.


The top 10 Reasons to choose 1st Choice Sports Rehab:


1. Our doctors are athletes themselves...

We understand that you want results fast.  We understand the rigors of competition and training .  We’ll help you recover from an injury, but more so because we can often help you avoid injury while training.  In addition, with VO2 Max Testing conveniently in our office, we can help you get the most out of your workouts.

Dr. Sasha Stolz experienced her own injury while training for IRONMAN Florida.  With the help of her colleagues at 1st Choice, she was able to compete and finish!  Read her story here

2. Patients have not gotten relief elsewhere...

One of the most frequent comments we hear from patients is, “I’ve been everywhere trying to get relief. I wish I had come here sooner.”

Kristy suffered a serious shoulder injury.  She saw a number of doctors and therapists over months without much improvement. Finally she scheduled an appointment with Dr. DelFavero who discovered the real underlying cause of her problem and was able to help Kristy.  Read more of her story here.

3. Our success with their type of condition...

While each patient is unique, our experience with complex or stubborn conditions is unequalled in the Atlanta area.

My first experience with Dr. Delfavero was fixing plantar fasciitis that began affecting my running. I had spent 6 months with a podiatrist getting cortisone shots, in a boot, etc. and it never went away. Went to Dr. Delfavero and after 5 sessions it was gone and in 5 years has never returned! Turns out the pain in my heel was actually originating from a problem spot in my hip — which he identified in the very first appointment. – Diana H.

4. They are looking for an ART, Graston, FDM or other specialized provider...

The understanding and effectiveness of the techniques we provide at 1st Choice Sports Rehab is growing, and, as a result, people find us via online search or through the technique provider directories.

I saw Dr. DelFavero for several sessions where he performed ART (Active Release Technique) and Graston on my IT bands and I was soon running pain-free again. I have had other issues with my legs come up since then that other doctors have missed, but Dr. DelFavero has been persistent with treating my injuries and helping me get back to participating in triathlons.  Read Meredith’s story here.

5. Their medical doctor or chiropractor referred them...
We work closely with a number of medical doctors and chiropractors who send us patients with complicated issues or those that are not responding to medication or other therapies.
6. Their current provider does not treat their type of condition...

Some doctors focus exclusively on a certain part of the body.  When their patients have an issue elsewhere (for example an elbow or an ankle), they are referred to us for a brief course of care and then return to their regular provider.

I am so happy that I was referred to Dr. DelFavero’s office! Prior to working with him I had never worked with a chiropractor because I thought it was only about spinal manipulation.  Instead, my treatment plan was completely different for low back spasms and involved fascial release, which Dr. DelFavero explained every step of the way. I highly recommend Dr. DelFavero. – Kristy E.

7. They are referred by an athletic trainer or their gym...

Trainers see a lot of active people who are sometimes pushing their bodies to the limit.  They understand how long it can take for an injured client to return to a fitness program if they aren’t treated effectively.

My CrossFit coach referred me to Dr. DelFavero and told me he could fix the issue. I went reluctantly but thought I had nothing to lose since previous visits to doctors just resulted in them prescribing medications for arthritis. Well, it feels almost like a miracle but I know it’s really his skill – I am now squatting, running, climbing up and down stairs, and jumping ropes without any pain! And he fixed me up in 5 sessions! – Nancy A.

8. They get relief at a local event or competition...
Our doctors volunteer dozens of hours each year to provide free treatment for athletes at local and regional athletic events.  When participants visit the 1st Choice treatment tent, they have the opportunity to experience the effectiveness of what we do first hand.
9. They want to avoid surgery...

Many of our patients have been told that their only option is surgery.  Unfortunately for some that many be the case.  But for many others we are able to help them experience many more pain free years doing what they love to do.

Martha had pain in her hand so bad that she was unable to even pick up a pencil.  She was given a steroid shot by her orthopedist and told to return when she was ready for surgery.  Fortunately she had been a patient of ours in the past and after getting what she considered bad news, she consulted D.r DelFavero.  She’s glad she did!  Read more about Martha’s story here.

10. We help patients reach their goals...

Patients have big goals push themselves to the limits of their ability and often beyond.  When they do that, there is almost always a weak area that breaks down.  Being able to find the problem that causes the weakness is critical to getting athletes back into their training routines safely.  That’s where we excel, we discover and correct the real cause of the weakness that results in injury.

Good nutrition and training are essential. But when you push your body that hard, you are likely to have an injury. If you do, its great to have the doctors at 1st Choice on your team, without their help, I might have given up my dream. Crossing that finish line was one of the great moments of my life – I am an IRONMAN! – Fernando R. 

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