Piezowave Relieved My Arthritis Pain – Thanks Dr. DelFavero

piezowave relieves arthritis pain

My gratitude for Dr. Nik DelFavero and his piezowave therapy knows no bounds.  His curiosity and drive to always be on the leading edge of how to help his patients allowed me to avoid surgery and get fully comfortable use of my right hand back. I am as good as new. 

At Christmas 2015 my right thumb joints had such a level of arthritic pain that I was unable to even pick up a pen and write my name without discomfort much less turn a doorknob.   A friend with a similar issue referred me to an orthopedic hand specialist.  The orthopedist said, “well you aren’t ready for surgery yet, we will just give you a shot of cortisone and see you in six months.”  Fortunately I have Dr. DelFavero, so I replied, “I think I will just try one more thing before I go down that route.”  

Dr. D has fixed so many of my complaints and guided me through so many issues. When he recommended piezowave therapyI had to try. Now, after only 8 sessions my hand is like I never had arthritis in those thumb joints and I am good to go with any activity, pain free. 

Thank you Dr. DelFavero.  You are a genius!

Martha Eskew


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