IT Band Syndrome

Meredith Stein found IT Band Syndrome Relief at 1st Choice Sports RehabI came to see Dr. DelFavero for IT band Syndrome that developed while training for a half-marathon. I had already gone through four weeks of physical therapy but was not back to running yet and was still feeling pain in my knees. I had several friends recommend the doctors at 1st Choice Sports Rehab Center, and while I will admit I was skeptical of seeing a chiropractor for my IT band issue, it turned out to be the best thing I could have done.

I saw Dr. DelFavero for several sessions where he performed ART (Active Release Technique) and Graston on my IT bands and I was soon running pain-free again. I have had other issues with my legs come up since then that other doctors have missed, but Dr. DelFavero has been persistent with treating my injuries and helping me get back to participating in triathlons.

Dr. DelFavero is extremely knowledgeable and I have always felt like I am in very good hands when he is treating me. He has such a great personality and always makes me laugh, even when he’s working on my legs. I have referred him to several people in my triathlon club because he does an excellent job with sports-related injuries. As an athlete himself, Dr. DelFavero understands what it’s like for us to be injured and how we just want to get back out there as soon as possible. I am very happy that I found 1st Choice and Dr. DelFavero and thanks to him I am back up and running. The staff at the office is also amazing – they are so flexible and are always happy to work you into the schedule.

Meredith Stein

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