Total Motion Release (TMR)

Total Motion Release

Total Motion Release (TMR) is an innovative, patient centered approach to healing and relieving pain. It can help in treating a variety of musculoskeletal dysfunctions including: weakness, pain, loss of motion in joints, and stiffness from the neck to the feet. The way TMR works is by releasing restrictions in the body that contribute to degenerative changes like arthritis, tendonitis, degenerative discs, muscle strains, and ligamentous sprains. The techniques utilized are very efficient and can have an immediate effect on pain complaints.


What can I expect during a TMR treatment session?

The patient is evaluated for restrictions throughout the body that may be contributing to dysfunction. The right and left sides of the body are evaluated for asymmetries and then balanced through specific movements. Many times people believe their pain originates locally which can be true. However, because of how the whole body is interconnected, restrictions away from the painful area can be contributing to the pain as well and in many instances are. Utilizing this whole-body approach the areas of restriction are released in a very comfortable manor. Although, this technique requires great participation and effort by the patient, it should never be painful. This is what is beautiful and different about this technique compared to many other traditional physical therapy techniques. If pain is keeping you from enjoying life, Total Motion Release can be very effective in giving you the control over your situation.

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