Johns Creek Chiropractor Runs 200 Miles

 – IN 3 DAYS!

Johns Creek Chiropractor Lauren Corjens completed the Tahoe 200 in 2014Many of us would be happy to be able to run 200 miles in a month or two.  But Johns Creek Chiropractor, Lauren Cortjens did it in a weekend.

Her event, the Tahoe 200, is part of the sport of “ultra-running”, and it is growing in popularity because of its combination of incredible challenge with a “laid back attitude.”  Dr. Cortjens has completed the IRONMAN event but prefers the relaxed atmosphere of ultra-running.

The distance covered in the Tahoe 200 is comparable to running nearly three marathons each day for three days.

For Dr. Cortjens, running has been a part of her life since high school, and a way to get away and relax. She would run 6 days a week for 6-12 miles at a time and it was her oasis from the stress of school and the stressors of life.

Preparation for this event began nearly a year ago when a coach challenged her to give it a try.

“Training for an event like this is all about pushing your body hard with little rest in between grueling training sessions”, says Cortjens.  “Three days of long runs,12-39 miles, back to back, one day off, two days of mid distance runs, 3-12 miles, and a day off- and repeat.”  As if that weren’t enough, she was doing crossfit on her days off to improve her strength.

According to Dr. Cortjens, the hardest part of the experience was getting out of the car each at each aid station to start moving again.  Once she was in motion, her training, experience and raw determination kicked in.

Now that she’s completed a 200 mile run, she plans to take some time off from the intense training to spend more time with her family.  As most endurance athletes know, training can take its toll on family and relationships. In the near future, she hopes to assist other runners as they compete in similar ultra events  as a “pacer” – a role which accompanies the competing runners to keep up their spirits and monitor their progress.

It took her a couple of days to recover and feel normal again after completing the event.  Her feet and toes may have taken the greatest abuse, but they appear to be fine now.

And what was the first thing she wanted after such a grueling weekend….”a big juicy cheeseburger!”   She surely earned it!

To read more details of Dr. Cortjens’ 202 mile experience click here.

Johns Creek Chiropractor Dr Lauren Cortjens finishes Tahoe 200

Dr. Lauren Cortjens is a Sports Chiropractor in Johns Creek GA.  Her office, 1st Choice Sports Rehab has an additional office in Decatur and was named Sports Rehab Facility of the year by Competitor Magazine. To schedule an appointment, call 404-377-0011.

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