Golfer’s Elbow

golfers elbowIn 2005, after too much heavy yard work and long keyboard sessions at work, I developed what my doctor thought was tendonitis (golfer’s elbow). Since then, I went to five orthopedic surgeons, five physical therapists, two acupuncturists and two massage therapists and spent a lot of money looking for some answers. I found little golfers elbow relief and was about to give up hope of ever being able to perform simple tasks around the house and at work without pain.

Then a friend made a casual suggestion about trying her sports chiropractor, Dr. Nik Delfavero. After one hour with Dr. DelFavero, I had a new diagnosis of “thoracic outlet syndrome.” After 10 treatments and a new exercise program, my pain was greatly reduced and I can work around the yard and on the job with much less discomfort. With more exercise, I look forward to a return to 100 percent. I’ll never take my health for granted again, and I’ll always be grateful to Dr. DelFavero.

Jennings Fort, 
Atlanta, GA

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Golfer’s Elbow is a particularly painful condition. Formally called medial epicondylitis, it affects mostly golfers but can affect tennis players as well.  With golfer’s elbow, the pain is located on the inside of the elbow and can affect twisting movements of the wrist and hand as well as the ability to grip objects effectively.  The team of sports injury specialists at 1st Choice Sports Rehab can design a treatment program to help you too.  Call 404-377-0011 for an appointment.

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