1st Choice Sports Rehab Video Library

Introducing 1st Choice Sports Rehab

1st Choice Sports Rehab Center is Atlanta’s leader in sports injury treatment.

At 1st Choice Sports Rehab we incorporate the latest manual therapies, modalities and strength training programs. In addition to chiropractic, physical therapy and massage, other common treatments include: Active Release Techniques, Fascial Distortion Model, dry needling, Kinesio Taping, Graston, sound-assisted soft tissue mobilization or SASTM and cupping.


Piezowave Therapy

Piezowave Therapy is now offered at 1st Choice Sports Rehab Center. This cutting edge technology helps reduce or eliminate pain and in some cases may eliminate the need for surgery.



VO2 Max Testing at 1st Choice

VO2 and RMR testing are the gold standard for fitness measurement. They give true quantitative measures that athletes and trainers can use to modify exercise regimes for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Knee Pain Video Series

with Dr. Nik DelFavero

Dr. Sasha Stolz

Dr. Lauren Cortjens

Gluteus Weakness Explained

with Dr. Sasha Stolz

Atlanta Sports Chiropractor, Dr. Stolz explains why weak gluteus muscles are so common in our culture.

Glute Strengthening

with Dr. Sasha Stolz

In this video Dr. Sasha Stolz describes multiple glute strengthening exercises. The “glutes” provide power and forward propulsion for most athletes.

Hamstrings Tightness

with Dr. Lauren Cortjens

Hamstring tightness is a serious issue for most runners and athletes in general. In this video, Dr. Cortjens shares some excellent techniques for working through those tight and tender areas in the hamstrings and improving mobility.


Foam Rolling for Runners

with Dr. Lauren Cortjens

McKenzie Exercises for Low Back Pain

with Dr. Dan Shuman

Low Back Pain affects 80% of people at some point in their lives. These stretches are highly effective to minimize pain and decrease recurrence.  Dr. Shuman demonstrates McKenzie Exercises.

Core Strengthening

with Dr. Dan Shuman

Core strength is critical to maximum athletic performance and general function. In these McGill exercises, Dr. Dan Shuman demonstrates the McGill Basic series that is appropriate for beginners or those recovering from a low back injury.

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