Knee Pain Video Series

Video #1: Dr. Nik DelFavero will explain the concept of why & how knee pain often originates in other parts of the body. 

Video #2:  You’ll learn from Dr. DelFavero how problems in your hip can result in knee pain.

Video #3: Dr. Sasha Stolz will show you how problems in the complex structures of the foot can lead to painful knees.

Video #4: Physical therapist, Dr. Valerie Hauser will explain the tests and techniques that can be used to clearly show you where your problem is located.

Video #5: Dr. Lauren Cortjens will show you easy yet effective methods to help strengthen and stabilize the hip, knee, and ankle to prevent your knee pain from returning.

Video #6: Dr. DelFavero will wrap up our series and share with you how to start the journey to a life free of knee pain.

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