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A Sports Chiropractor?

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  • Michel S. – Dr. Nick is phenomenal! He fixed my injury so that I could complete my first 13.1 mile race. Under his care, and following his advice, I was able to complete my first 70.3 without injury.

    Featured Results – 40
  • Mikko S. – I had a great experience with 1st Choice and Dr. Stolz. I just moved to the area and needed to find an ART certified Chiropractor. The building is new and nice, the equipment is good, very friendly customer service.

    Featured Results – 10
  • Angela M. – Dr. Cortjens is awesome and getting my body ready for my first marathon. Highly recommend her!!!

    9 – Featured Results
  • Christen B. – Dr. Cho helped me with anterior tibial tendonitis, making it possible so I could run a race in Chattanooga. Thanks!

    8 – Featured Results
  • Becky K. – Dr. DelFavero has changed my life!  He was able to diagnose and treat my condition that two Neurologists and several MD’s were unable to address. He helped me get my life back.

    5 – Featured Results
  • Brandon B. – Best chiropractic care you will ever receive. Dr. DelFavero gets to the root of the problem rather than just adjusting you. As a strength & conditioning coach, personal trainer, & crossfitter, I recommend him highly.

    3 – Featured Results
  • Delise D. – Dr Sadri is a miracle worker. Who would have thought that chronic knee pain can be CURED!!! Well it can be with this guy. I highly recommend this practice to my friends and family.

    10 – Featured Results
  • Mike B. – The Doctors and Staff at 1st Choice are extremely knowledgable & helpful. I’ve been treated for problems related to running and triathlon. I also send my 12-yr-old gymnast daughter to see him, without hesitation.  

    1 – Featured Results