Your First Visit to 1st Choice

Before You Arrive to Your 1st Visit

One key to making an accurate assessment of your problem is collecting all the relevant information.  In today’s insurance environment, your benefits may be also determined by the quality of the data collected. To help with this task, we created the necessary documentation using your online patient portal.  This resource is available once you schedule your 1st appointment with our staff.  They will then email a link to our secure patient portal where you can fully document your health history, current complaints, etc.  This allows you the convenience of completing the needed information at a time and place that suits you best.

Note: you will need to SIGN the record using a touch screen like an iPad or using the mouse of your computer.  To sign using a mouse or other non touch screen device, simply LEFT CLICK and HOLD your mouse, and you’ll be able to SIGN THE FORM. Once your online patient record is complete and signed, we can upload it directly to your file and have everything ready for your first appointment.

Please be sure to bring your photo ID and a copy of your insurance card to your first appointment.

If you are unable to complete the online patient record, please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment so that we are able to properly collect all the necessary information.

If you are using insurance, our staff will also collect the necessary policy information, call the insurance company to determine your benefits, and then follow up with you so that you understand the coverage your policy provides. We do our best to make sure that you are informed about deductibles, copays, and any out-of-pocket expenses before your first visit.

 Consultation & Examination on Your 1st Visit

To help determine the best course of treatment for you, we will ask a series of detailed questions regarding your complaints. Some of these questions may have been included in your paperwork and need additional clarification. This allows the doctor to determine the most suitable course of action for the diagnostic work up for your case. Your doctor will then perform a series of orthopedic and neurological tests to help determine the exact areas and tissues affected by your condition. A basic physical examination to include height, weight, blood pressure, etc. will also be performed.  Athletes usually require additional tests and procedures to be performed by our sports rehab specialists.

Other Diagnostic Tests or Studies

Depending upon the outcome of the above described examination, other indicated diagnostic tests such as x-rays, MRI’s, CT scans, urinalysis, blood tests, nerve conduction tests, etc. may be ordered or performed. These tests assist us in determining the most effective treatment, rating the severity of your condition, and can indicate when an appropriate referral to another health care specialist is appropriate.

Initial Treatment on Your First Visit

Upon completion of all diagnostic work, we will review the findings of your case with you in detail and explain what we feel is the best course of action for your particular condition.  Patients who are accepted for care will then receive their first treatment. This may include various therapeutic modalities (e.g. ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, diathermy, traction, massage, moist heat, cryotherapy, spinal adjustments, and/or other soft tissue treatments and therapies. All treatment/therapy details, number of visits, expected length of treatment, the cost involved, and all other related matters regarding your treatment with us will be discussed with your doctor or other support staff.

Home-Care Instructions

Every patient will be given appropriate home care instructions as indicated. These activities should not be overlooked for they will help you achieve your health care goals faster. These may include icing/heating instructions, stretches, body mechanics, activity modifications, exercises, etc.

 Follow-up Visit Schedules and Treatment Plans

In general, patients will usually be seen for a follow-up visit within 1-2 days following their initial visit.  Your response to the initial treatment will be reviewed and and evaluated.  Your treatment plan (the frequency and the duration of care) will depend upon your particular injury or condition, your level of fitness, and your body’s ability to recover.  Your doctor will let you know how often each week and for how many weeks you should be seen.  In order to have the best chance of getting your most convenient appointment times, we recommend that you go ahead and schedule as many of your appointments in advance as possible.

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