Help Us – Help Others


Our mission at 1st Choice Sports Rehab is to help as many people as possible to restore their health and ability to do the things they love. 

Most people use online reviews to determine where they should do business.  It is our hope that your shared positive outcomes and reviews can help others to find a similar resolution of their injury as quickly as possible.

The Details:

Write your review and bring us (or email us) a copy of where it is published.  It must be viewable by the staff to confirm.

For each review, you will be given one entry into the contest.  Reviews on Yelp or Google+ will get credit for two (2) entries.  Getting a review published on all four site would earn the author a total of six entries.

The winner will be drawn from all entries submitted on 12/1/2016.

Contest Rules:

  1. To qualify for entry, each review must be unique – no cut and paste from one site to the next.
  2. Review must be published and visible on the review site.
  3. Only one review per site is allowed – reviews on Google+ and Yelp will receive credit for 2 entries.
  4. Contest winner will receive credit for a 60 minute massage each month for 12 months. Credits may be used to exchange for gift certificates that may be given to others, but only one massage per month is redeemable.
  5. Scheduling massages is the responsibility of the winner.
  6. All massage credits must be redeemed by 12/31/2017.

For instructions on writing a Google+ review for our office, click here then click on the image to enlarge.