Spinal Stenosis Relief – thanks Dr. Stolz

After years of good health I began having difficulty walking.  My right hip was causing pain and I was experiencing tingling in my legs.

People would ask me what was wrong with my back.  I decided something must be done.  Fortunately I discovered 1st Choice Sports Rehab Center and Dr. Sasha Stolz.  When we first met she was so friendly and made me feel right at home.  I felt like I was in the right place from the start.  She took X-rays and I heard the dreaded words spinal stenosis.

Dr. Stolz didn’t  tell me I’d have to live with it.  She patiently worked with me, gave me treatments and adjustments, along with exercises to do at home, including riding a recumbent bike.  She discovered other things that were complicating my issues and addressed them.

I continued with weekly visits, then every two weeks, and now only every three weeks.  I have steadily improved and no one asks me anymore what is wrong with my back.  By the way, you should know, I am eighty five years old.  Age is no excuse for not improving.  Thanks Dr. Stolz for all your help.

So glad to be feeling good again,

Margaret C.




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