Rotator Cuff Syndrome Relief

During my three years as assistant conductor of the Atlanta Symphony, I found that my busy conducting schedule left me with intense rotator cuff pain that required continual management with anti-Inflammatories. I consulted an orthopedic surgeon who suggested surgery but I desperately wanted to find a non-surgical alternative. I heard about Dr. DelFavero from a couple of musicians in the Atlanta Symphony and, despite my skepticism about chiropractics, I went for a visit. Before leaving his office that day I was lifting my arm with minimal pain. Six weeks later, after multiple visits and doing strengthening exercises at home, I was able to conduct two intense weeks of rehearsals and concerts normally and with only occasional use of anti-inflammatories. Three months later, I was symptom free and have remained so.

The second issue Dr. DelFavero helped me with was a wrist problem that ended my first career as a violinist. I had struggled with deQuervain’s tendonitis for 20 years and, given the success of his work with my shoulder, I asked Dr. DelFavero to treat my wrist. Eleven years before I had had an unsuccessful wrist surgery which only exacerbated some internal scar tissue from the years of inflammation. This scaring left me with restricted range of motion in my wrist and I had been told repeatedly by medical professionals that the problem was permanent. However, after a few treatments with Dr. DelFavero, I had nearly the full range of motion in my wrist restored for the first time in 15 years. I had tried zillions of therapies from Western and Eastern medicine over the years as well as many types of massage, but none of them produced the results Dr. DelFavero achieved. I found my rotator cuff syndrome relief !

In my experience, medical professionals with Dr. DelFavero’s knowledge, insight, and skill are rare and I am so grateful for my colleagues’ recommendation that brought me to his office.”


Laura Jackson,
 Atlanta, GA

(Editors Note: Ms. Jackson is now with the Reno Philharmonic Symphony.) 

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