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Dr. DelFavero – Not Your Average Chiropractor


Dr. Niklaus DelFavero has earned my highest recommendation.  In today’s health care environment, it is rare to find a healthcare professional so truly invested in his/her patients.  Too often it seems the key to a doctor’s financial success is to see as many patients as possible, bill insurance companies as much as possible, and invest as little as possible on each patient visit.  If I sound harsh, just recall your last doctor or hospital experience.  (Continue Reading)

Finished My 100 Mile Race – Thanks 1st Choice!

running2-lightOn October 1st, 2016, I completed my second “100 miler”.  It took me just over 26 hours to complete this grueling running event.

As with most things that really push your physical and mental limits, it took a village of support to get me across the finish line. For several years, progressing through Ironman to Ultra running, 1st Choice Sports Rehab has been my essential resource.  Despite the intense training, they get me to  (Continue Reading)

Thanks Dr. DelFavero, I’m Pain Free & No Surgery!

nik 2

My gratitude for Dr. DelFavero and  his piezowave therapy knows no bounds.  His curiosity and drive to always be on the leading edge of how to help his patients allowed me to avoid surgery and get fully comfortable use of my right hand back. I am as good as new.

At Christmas 2015 my right thumb joints had such a level of arthritic pain that I was unable to even pick up a pen and write my name without  (Continue Reading).

Dominique Runs and Wins – Thanks Dr. Stolz

On December 7th, 2013, patients results dominiquemy daughter Dominique participated in her first indoor track meet. Right out of the blocks of her second event, she pulled up and went down. She’d torn her quad in two places. She was told that her indoor season was over and probably her outdoor season as well. …(Continue Reading)

My Shoulder Injury Finally Resolved – Thanks Dr. DelFavero

shoulder injury leftOn June 9, 2015, I fell in a bathtub on a business trip in Houston, Texas.  I broke my left shoulder and tore the left rotator cuff underneath the break. It was a nightmare fall.

My original doctor only diagnosed the broken shoulder and wrote a prescription for physical therapy. He said I had to do everything possible to overcome the frozen shoulder caused from the break. I struggled day and night with excruciating pain, which intensified during and after physical therapy treatments (Continue Reading).

She calls Dr. DelFavero – “The Body Whisperer”

patients results - KellySome doctors are great because they know the science of medicine. Some doctors are great because they understand the art of medicine. Dr. Nik DelFavero at 1st Choice Sports Rehab blends the two perfectly which is a rare find. He really understands the body so I nicknamed him “The Body Whisperer“. Dr. DelFavero navigated me through a clavicle sprain…[Continue Reading]

Professional Golfer Back “Below Par” – Thanks to Dr. Sadri

patients results - golferDr. Sadri has done a great job in helping me get my body in competition shape after I had a shoulder operation and then nerve damage in my wrist. He has a great variety of skills to deal with different types of injuries…[Continue Reading]

Runner “Tried the Rest” – Finds Relief with Dr. Sadri

patients results - runner 2Being a runner for many years, I have had more than my share of injuries. I’ve been to sports medicine MD’s, Physical Therapists, and Chiropractors though the years for various ailments. Most of the time, I was unable to completely resolve the issue and barely made it from one race to the next. The nagging conditions hampered my training and often required time off…[Continue Reading]

Rotator Cuff Syndrome Gone – Thanks Dr. DelFavero!

During my three years as assistant conductor of the Atlanta Symphony, I found that my busy conducting schedule left me with intense rotator cuff pain that required continual management with anti-Inflammatories. I consulted an orthopedic surgeon who suggested surgery but I desperately wanted to find a non-surgical alternative. I heard about Dr. DelFavero…[Continue Reading]

Professional Golfer Avoids Surgery for Knee Pain

I was in pain constantly from a supposedly “torn meniscus” and after several visits to different doctors, I was ready to get an MRI and schedule my surgery. It was at Thanksgiving that I saw my brother-in-law Andy who was suffering from major hip pain and back pain a week ago. My sister told me that Andy had been in so much pain, he couldn’t move, walk, drive, etc…[Continue Reading]

A Motorcycle Accident, But Now Competing Again

In April of 2010 I had an ugly motorcycle accident where I fractured my left arm and wrist, right hand, and right foot. The accident took me from being a competitive age group triathlete to a sorry looking couch potato; I thought that my lifestyle as I knew it was over. I contacted Dr. Sadri soon after my accident, and he said he would see me after I finished my surgeon’s….[Continue Reading]

NBA Player’s Knee and Ankle Pain

Since working with Dr. Sadri and the team at 1st Choice Sports Rehab, my knee and ankle have made vast improvements within the last month. Now I feel young again and explosive. I would recommend Dr. Sadri & 1st Choice Sports Rehab Center to anyone…[Continue Reading]

Professional Triathlete Overcomes Injury

Dr. Sadri is the most focused, determined provider when it comes to identifying the problem and working tirelessly to fix it. He is passionate about his work, and the results reflect that. After four months of not running, a season cut short due to injury, and frustration with dead-end results and no explanation of the problem, I sought out Dr. Sadri’s help…[Continue Reading]

Ironman Performance Care

I wanted to show my appreciation for the support and care that I received at 1st Choice Sports rehab.  Dr. Sadri and everyone else were vital in my completion of Ironman Louisville 2008. Never once did Dr. Sadri or any of the staff discourage me from competing in an Ironman-distance triathlon. The training for Ironman took a big toll on my body, specially my disc issue…[Continue Reading]

Golfer’s Elbow

In 2005, after too much heavy yardwork and long keyboard sessions at work, I developed what my doctor thought was tendonitis (golfer’s elbow). Since then, I went to five orthopedic surgeons, five physical therapists, two acupuncturists and two massage therapists and spent a lot of money looking for some answers. I found little relief and was about to give up hope of ever being able to perform simple tasks around the house and at work without pain. Then a friend made a casual suggestion about trying her sports chiropractor, Dr. Nik DelFavero[Continue Reading]

Plantar Fasciitis

After running marathon and shorter distances for 20 years, I became interested in ultra’s in 2003. I had been relatively injury free my whole life and simply increased my weekly mileage. In the early part of 2007, I started noticing some heel pain, generally at the start of a run. It would go away during the run and I was training for a 100 mile run, so did not pay it a lot of attention…[Continue Reading]

IT Band Syndrome

I came to see Dr. DelFavero for issues I was having with my IT bands while training for a half-marathon.I had already gone through four weeks of physical therapy but was not back to running yet and was still feeling pain in my knees.I had several friends recommend the doctors at 1st Choice, and while I will admit I was skeptical of seeing a chiropractor for my IT band issue…[Continue Reading]


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