Frustrated Runner Found Relief

Shauna Thompson - frustrated runner found relief at 1st Choice Sports Rehab CenterBeing a runner for many years, I have had more than my share of injuries. I’ve been to sports medicine MD’s, Physical Therapists, and Chiropractors though the years for various ailments. Most of the time, I was unable to completely resolve the issue and barely made it from one race to the next. The nagging conditions hampered my training and often required time off from running completely. This all changed after meeting and being treated by Dr. Sadri for a hamstring condition. This frustrated runner found relief at 1st Choice Sports Rehab Center.

 After a Thanksgiving half-marathon, I began having glute/hamstring pain. I went to a physical therapist and was given dry needling every week for 2 months. With little results, I knew I needed something else. Thankfully, a friend in my running group gave me Dr. Sadri’s name.

 Dr. Sadri put me at ease with his down-to-earth, easy going and fun personality. Dr. Sadri was very thorough in his examination which revealed the root of my problem, and he addressed it. No more “band-aid” treatment!

Under his care, I was able to start running again with little pain. Through Active Release Techniques (ART) and the Graston Soft Tissue Techniques, I went from running in lots of pain to running with little to no pain. I highly recommend Dr Sadri for anyone who wants to stay healthy & injury free.

A big thank you to Dr.Sadri for allowing me to do what I love again – running!


–Shauna Thompson


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