Do You Know Alice

Guest Author Nancy Burnham

Alice in Wonderland is who I mean.  She is such a wonderful inspiration if you take a moment to follow her progress. 

My introduction to the wonderful adventures and realizations in Alice’s life was made one day when I was visiting a local bookstore.  A magnet read, “There is no use trying,” said Alice.  “One can’t imagine impossible things.”

Do you still imagine impossible things?  Be honest now.  There must be some things in your life that you think may be impossible.  But have you considered all the available options?  Have you considered the power that you have as an individual to make things happen?

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.  For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world and all there ever will be to know and understand.”   WOW, that is powerful. 

Each of us, in our own mind, has the ability to create and conquer seemingly impossible things.  This includes our health.  What we believe, or do not believe, about ourselves and our abilities has a direct correlation to the outcome of what we want in our lives. 

Now I realize this may really sound crazy to someone who has never been introduced to this line of thought before, but I know this to be a fact of my own life.   I, for one, was quite familiar with the illusional thought, “When I retire… .”  But when I retired my health was certainly not the way that I had envisioned it would be and was on a downward spiral.

There was much for me to consider: 

Health conditions that were hereditary;

Lifestyle changes that “just happened” along the way;

Today’s world of pharmacology; and most important


That last one takes real imagination and I knew exactly what I had in mind:  good health, making memories with my family, and being healthy in mind, body and spirit.  My task as an individual was to make it come true.  And I have and am continuing to do so.

Being in good health is not impossible.  Healing is possible with the right mindset and putting feet to our thoughts.   Positive thoughts bring about positive actions which result in good things happening.    WE ALL HAVE THIS CAPABILITY.   Each day is a new opportunity for us to imagine those impossible things (maybe we start small) and we should never shrink from that challenge.  Believe in the power of YOU.  Believe in the body’s power to heal.  Believe in your ability to be your best in mind, body and spirit everyday.

Nancy Burnham is a Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Certified Barefoot Training Specialist, Mother and Grandmother.  Her passion is to assist seniors along a path to better fitness.  To learn more – click here.

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