Dr. Huiling Tang Provides Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in Johns Creek Office

dr_tang provides acupuncture in johns creekWe are pleased to announce that we now offer traditional Chinese acupuncture in Johns Creek.  Dr. Huiling Tang, holds a Ph.D, in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, one of the top five pioneer Universities in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

She teaches Chinese Herbology at the School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Atlanta University of Health Science and she will be available for our patients on Mondays in the Johns Creek office.

For the last ten years, Dr. Tang has contributed to the development herbal extractions used in combination with other therapies for stroke and traumatic brain injury.

She has worked in the Brain Research Lab for the Department of Emergency Medicine at Emory University as a Post-Doctorate Fellow.

She has published over a dozen papers in internationally peer-reviewed journals (see below) on the topic of brain injury and has been invited to present her findings at brain injury conferences.

It is her understanding of the brain function and healing combined with a blend of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine that have helped her achieve success with complex disorders.

Dr. Tang started her private practice of Acupuncture in 2015 and has helps patients with pain related disorders, neurological disorders and other conditions, like back pain, sports injury, sleep disorder, diabetics and digestive system disorders.

We are pleased to have Dr. Tang on our team and we anticipate she will help our patients find relief for many of their unresolved health issues.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Tang, call our Johns Creek office at 404-300-9931.

Dr. Tang’s publications include:

1. Tang H, Hua F, Stein DG, et al. Progesterone and vitamin D combination therapy modulates inflammatory response after traumatic brain injury. Brain Injury. 2015.

2. Tang H, Hua F, Stein DG, et al. Progesterone and vitamin D: improvement after traumatic brain injury in middle-aged rats. Hormone and Behavior. 2013.

3. Tang H, Hua F, Stein DG, et al. Modulation of acute inflammation by progesterone and vitamin D combination therapy after traumatic brain injury: Genomic profile of Toll-like receptor pathways. J Neurotrauma 2013.

4. Wu L, Tang H, et al. Jiedu Tongluo Injection, a Chinese herbal extract complex prescription, protects cerebral ischemia/reperfusion by modulating inflammatory cascade. Stroke. 2013.

5. Tang H, Hua F, Stein DG, et al. Progesterone treatment improves long-term behavioral outcome after traumatic brain injury in middle-aged rats. J Neurotrauma 2012.

6. Tang H, Zhang W, et al. Tongluo Jiunao injection, a Chinese herbal formula protects the focal ischemic brain injury and decreases the expression of Semaphorin 3A and its receptor neuropilin 1. The FASEB Journal. 2012.

7. Liu Z, Li P, Zhao D, Tang H, Guo J. Protection by vanadium, a contemporary treatment approach to both diabetes and focal cerebral ischemia in rats. Biol Trace Elem Research. 2012.

8. Wang H, Wang X, Tang H, Bai L. Dynamic Changes of Monoamines in the Dorsal Raphe Nuclei after Acupuncture Stimulation in Rats: A Microdialysis Study. Chinese Journal of Basic Medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 2012.

9. Alesheikh P, Tang H, et al. The Chinese herbal formula Tongluo Jiunao promotes expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor/tropomyosin-related kinase B pathways in a rat model of ischemic brain injury. Neural Regeneration Research. 2011.