Why Choose 1st Choice Sports Rehab for Your Therapy After Injury?

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Why choose 1st Choice Sports Rehab for my injury recovery and/or prevention?

The answers to that question are as varied as conditions we treat.  Many new patients drive past dozen of other providers at the recommendation of friends or family that are former patients and have experienced first hand the difference we offer in our office.

Why Choose 1st Choice Sports Rehab:

Our doctors are athletes themselves –  They understand that you want results fast.  We understand the rigors of competition and training .  We’re helpful after an injury, but more so because we can often help you avoid injury while training.  In addition, with VO2 Max Testing conveniently IN OUR OFFICE, we can help you get the most out of your workouts.

Patients have not gotten relief elsewhere –  One of the most frequent comments we hear from patients is, “I’ve been everywhere trying to get relief. I should have come here sooner.” Read how many of them finally got results after trying “everything else”.

Our success with their type of condition – While each patient is unique, our experience with complex or stubborn conditions is unequalled in the Atlanta area.

They are looking for an ART (Active Release Techniques) or other specialized provider –  The understanding and effectiveness of the techniques we use is growing, and, as a result, people find us online or through the ART provider and other websites.

Their medical doctor or chiropractor referred them – We work closely with a number of medical doctors and chiropractors who send us patients with complicated issues or those that are not responding to medication or other therapies.

Their current provider does not treat their type of condition – Some doctors focus exclusively on a certain part of the body.  When their patients have an issue elsewhere (for example an elbow or an ankle), they are referred to us for a brief course of care and then return to their regular provider.

They are referred by an athletic trainer or their gym – Trainers see a lot of active people.  They see how long it can take for an injured client to return to a fitness program if they aren’t treated effectively.

They get relief at a local event or competition – Our doctors volunteer dozens of hours each year to provide free treatment for athletes at local and regional athletic events.  When participants visit the 1st Choice treatment tent, they have the opportunity to experience the effectiveness of what we do first hand. To check out our where we’ll be next, check out our Calendar of Events.

So why choose 1st Choice Sports Rehab? Pick the reason that makes sense for you.