Even After a Motorcycle Accident I’m Still Competing

even after my motorcycle accident I'm still competing - bob neurathIn April of 2010 I had an ugly motorcycle accident where I fractured my left arm and wrist, right hand, and right foot. The accident took me from being a competitive age group triathlete to a sorry looking couch potato; I thought that my lifestyle as I knew it was over. But even after a motorcycle accident I’m still competing thanks to Dr. Sadri at 1st Choice Sports Rehab.

I contacted Dr. Sadri soon after my accident, and he said he would see me after I finished my surgeon’s recommendations and therapy. After a couple of surgeries and endless hours of physical therapy, I had only regained minimal motion in my wrist. It was enough for work, but swimming was out of the question. I remained very discouraged.

I thought running was ok because I had no idea I had broken my foot and neither did my original doctors who looked at my x-rays. When I saw Dr. Sadri, he examined me, x-rayed the foot and said, “yep it is broken… no more running for now”.

I’m pleased to report that the expertise and patience of the 1st Choice team paid off.
I started training again and my life is back! In September 2011 I finished my first big race and placed 4th in my age group.

I sincerely believe that without Dr. Sadri and the 1st Choice team, this might never have been possible.


–Bob Neurath

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