From Couch to 5K – Training Week 3

(Note: this schedule assumes that the individual is basically healthy without any compromised systems or other areas of known injury. If you have challenges that make it harder for you to train, please consult your doctor prior to starting a training program. )

Click here to see the schedule for week 2

Day 1

5 min Warmup walk. Jog 2 miles for 20 minutes without walking. 

Day 2

Warmup. Jog 2.25 miles or 22 minutes without walking. 

Day 3

Warmup. Jog 2.5 miles or 25 minutes. 

Day 4

Warmup and jog for 2.75 miles or for 28 mins. 

Day 5

Warmup.  Jog for 3 miles or 30 minutes straight.

Day 6


Day 7

Race!!  Congratulations!!