Atlanta Sports Chiropractors in Decatur and Johns Creek GA

The Atlanta Sports Chiropractors at 1st Choice Sports Rehab CenterAt 1st Choice Sports Rehab, we are Atlanta Sports Chiropractor  We understand the needs and mentality of athletes of all levels because most of our doctors either have been, or are currently, competitive athletes themselves. Our doctors understand the psychological and physical demands you place on your body and have mastered the cutting edge techniques to get you back to your game or sport as quickly and safely as possible after your sports injury.

What is a Sports Chiropractor:

While most people only associate the term chiropractor with neck or back pain, our Atlanta Sports Chiropractors have extensive additional training in sports physiology, strength conditioning, rehab exercise, and proper training techniques.  A good sports chiropractor will have extensive training and understanding of the function of shoulders, hips, and knees, which are often sites of sports injuries.

They study how the body moves and the importance of proper symmetry and strength in various functions and movements of a particular sport.  This understanding allows a sports chiropractor to recognize the signs of weakness in a particular area that is already injured or may be susceptible to injury. It is the understanding of the complex interdependence of various structure with each other that helps the sports chiropractor to make a proper diagnosis and determine the quickest and safest path to full recovery.

Many professional athletic teams understand the advantage of using a sports chiropractor. In the NFL for example, 77% of trainers have referred players to a sports chiropractor, and 31% have a sports chiropractor on staff that travels with their team.

Elite athlete world wide are starting to insist that a sports chiropractor be available at their competitive venues.

But Why Choose Us?

In our Decatur and Johns Creek GA, offices, our doctors have treated professional athletes in football, basketball, & golf, in addition to hundreds of competitive endurance athletes. As part of the treatment teams, they have traveled to assist athletes in the World Games and Pan Am Games. In addition they often donate their time to provide free treatment for athletes at local events. Our doctor/athletes understand and appreciate your struggle for higher levels of performance.

Our team has the personal understanding, professional knowledge, and years of experience to handle your sports injury. Call us at 404-377-0011 today to schedule an appointment with one of our Atlanta sports chiropractors.

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